Have an Ancient World-inspired Valentine’s Day and Win a Book!

In need of some last-minute ‘background information’ on the history of Love and Romance, to spice up your Valentine’s Day (or impress a date with your knowledge)? Looking for some ancient Egyptian love poetry to go on the back of a card? After you’ve inceased your ‘Valentine Skills’, it’s time to join our Valentine’s competition:leave the best personal ad or declaration of love here in the comments, and get to choose your favourite book from the Thames &Hudson Spring collecti… errr.. catalogue. Browse our Valentine’s menu below for inspiration, or go win your book.

On Heritage Key’s (historical) Valentine’s menu:

Racy Poems from the Amarna Era by Owen Jarus

Soup or Graffiti from Pompeii

A choice of the Top 10 sexiest ancient artefacts in the world

Main Course
The History of Love, or how romance and relationships were err… acted upon in ancient societies, a must read by new HK writer Nick Gilbert.

Lyn serves you Weddings, Sex, and Contraception. The 10 Best Uses for a Stone Circle

Tea and Coffee?
Book your romantic dinner at Stonehenge Virtual.
We advise staying overnight, to watch the virtual sunrise.

If upon finishing these stories you are still hungry for love, we’ll help you find it. Or attempt. Or at least, you can win a book (and 150 points)!We’re rewarding the most original/funny/serious/sincere (in short: the best) ancient world-inspired love advert or declaration we find here – made by a registered user – in the comments by Monday the 15th of February, midnight.

TIP: Think ‘Pharoah seeks afterlife love’, ‘caveman looking for lady to drag’ or Agrippa seeks 12th husband. Declare your love for the (pwetty!) Alexander the Great, the courageous Hannibal and the beautiful Cleopatra, possibly all at the same time. Consider, how would you woe Queen Nefertiti?

Whomsoever leaves the best comment (voted for by Prad, Meral, Sean and Ann), will get to choose a book from the Thames &Hudson 2010 spring catalogue.This means you might as well give your love (no doubt, found here in the comments) a Roman Britain: A NewHistory, or even the Secrets of the Universe!


Best of luck to all, I’m looking forward to reading your (of course, very romantic) entries!

Rules – By entering this competition you agree to comply with the Ancient World in London Competition Rules, as well as the following rules, which are specific to this contest:

  • Entries can consist of text, images, video or mixed media.
  • All entries must be the contestants own work, and any supporting material (e.g. photos or music) must be used with the permission of the copyright owner.
  • Heritage Key writers and Rezzable staff can play, but can’t win (dammit – ed).