Finally! Tickets to Amenabar’s Agora Film This Weekend in London

Film 'Agora' comes to London! Finally!I’m pretty sure that this is probably the worst intro written to a blogpost ever, but: ‘W00t!’ Alejandro Amenbar’s big film Agora on the life (and death) of philosopher and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria will (finally) be released ‘at cinemas nationwide’ (that’s UK) on April 23.

I’ve been saying (and typing) for the last nine months that I want to really, really see this English-language movie by Amenbar. Meanwhile, Ive been forced to (not) watch it being released in Spain – where the historical drama earned over $10.3million in four days, becoming 2009’s highest-grossing local film – and the USA (I had been convinced that all decent – or not decent, but big-budget – films premiered in London!).

Along with the rest of the UK, I got a bit distracted by the 3D version of Clash of the Titans, which quite disappointed me, as the mechanic Bubo was cruelly written out of the movie. In my long wait for the release of Agora I almost shifted my focus to Valhalla Rising, doing my best to go prepared, and catch up on Viking films I hadnt seen yet*.

Im really looking forward to seeing Agora on big screen, and have already started nagging the rest of the HK office to come along with me. Theres only one problem: neither Vue nor Odeon even mention the film on their website yet, let alone offer the possibility to order tickets for this weekend. On this movie poster I saw at the local tube station, they did mean 2010 when they said ‘at cinemas nationwide April 23’, right? 3PMupdate -Hat tipto super-editor Rebecca for pointing out to me ‘Agora’ is now in the drop down list to book tickets on the Odeon website, right after the 3 from 3D, as well as on the Vue portal.

* Asterix and the Vikings sucks. Beowulf and Grendel is quite ok. Prince Valiant – such a twit – smashed my childhood dreams. And Outlander… well… err…