Fantastic Images of the Nefertiti Bust at the Neues Museum Berlin

Nefertiti at the Neues Museum SlideshowThe Nefertiti’s Bust – attributed to the sculptor Thutmose from whom’s workshop it was recovered in 1912 – is world famous. Thutmose must have been one lucky sculptor, being asked to capture for eternity the ravishing face of the Queen who’s ancient name meant A Beautiful Woman Has Come. The Queen Nefertiti – wife of Akhenaten and known in Germany as Nofretete – Bust is an icon of the Amarna period art and one of the most valuable items in the collection of the gyptisches Museum Berlin (to much frustration of the Egypt, which demands its return). She first went on display in the Neues Museum in 1924, but was evacuated when World War II bomb damage ruined most of the building. Now the royal bust has finally returned to the Neues Museum. We’ve got some fantastic images of the carefully organized move of the Nefertiti bust and her prime position in Nefertiti Dome gallery (room 210):

Nefertiti Reflects. Image Copyright - Jon Himoff.Nefertiti Reflects. Image Copyright - Jon Himoff.Nefertiti Reflects. Image Copyright - Jon Himoff.Nefertiti being moved into the Neues Museum, Berlin. Image Copyright - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

This weekend the Ancient Beauty will be the major draw for Berliners who are expected to flock to the public opening. The Neues Museum will be free for visitors on Saturday and Sunday. Organizers are braced for a mass turnout, providing hot drinks for the thousands expected to stand in line, despite the forecast of rain. (We’re kinda happy Heritage Key already got the Grand Tour yesterday!)