An easy way to copy geolocation data off Google Maps

Retrieving latitude and longitude values so they can be copied.Google Maps do not display latitude and longitude values, but there is an easy & quick trick to get these numbers. This technique will provide the latitude and longitude coordinates of the center of the map displayed by Google Maps.

Looking up an address in Google Maps will center the map on that address if it was found. If you wish to navigate your Google Map later, refocus the center of your map on the exact point you want the geolocation information for, by double clicking that area of the map.

When the location you want is in the center of the map, copy and paste this code into the location bar of your browser and press enter:


A little dialog box will pop up displaying the coordinates which can be copied and pasted for use elsewhere. This code can be bookmarked and then used in the future by selecting the bookmark.

Creating a bookmark for easy access in Firefox*:

Drag this link: Retrieve Lat & Long up to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
(To enable your ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ go to View >Toolbars and check ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’.)

If you want to quickly get lat & long data, just go to the desired location on Google Maps, make sure your map is centered and then press your freshly created bookmark named ‘Retrieve Lat & Long’ in your Bookmarks Toolbar.

* creating the bookmark for easy access in Internet Explorer: Nothing in Internet Explorer is easy.All the ‘cool kids’ use FireFox, and rest assured that you’ll have way more fun using FF. Some examples of other neat stuff to use it with: greasemonkey scripts making your Flickr life more easy.