CSI Ancient Greece – Who chiseled what?

Hekatompedon inscription, detailFrom ‘Mummy CSI‘, we jump to ‘CSIAncient Greece’. At least, according to the NewScientist. There Ewen Callaway reports on how Stephen Tracy – Greek scholar and epigrapher – makes good use of human intelligence and machine’s computing power to attribute 24 ancient Greek inscriptions to their individual masons. Together with Michail Panagopoulos and Constantin Papaodysseus – both computer scientists at the National Technical University of Athens – they succeeded at attributing the chisel marks to six different cutters, between the years 334BCand 134BC. How?

Panagopoulos’ team determined what different cutters meant each letter to look like by overlaying digital scans of the same letter in each individual inscription. They call this average a letter’s “platonic realisation”. After performing this calculation for six Greek letters selected for their distinctness , , , , and across all 24 inscriptions, Panagopoulos’ team compared all the scripts that Tracy provided.

Read more at Ewen Callaway’s article on newscientist.com.