Bracken Tor – Murder mystery set in Bronze Age Cornwall

Screenshot from 'Bracken Tor' - Bronze Age StructureRight in time for Halloween, Shadow Tor Studios have released the first (and spooky) trailer for horror adventure game ‘Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw’, which will hit the UK late November.

The point-and-click PC game is set in a Bronze Age environment, based on prehistoric Cornwall.

Beyond Barrow Hill

Bracken Tor also tagged ‘Adventures beyond Barrow Hill’ after its predecessor ‘Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle’ is the latest title from the Shadow Tor Studios and produced with assistance from the ‘Mysterious Beasts Research Group’ (fictional) and Cornwall Archaeology Society (possibly the real one).

Amongst the game’s features: ‘travel back in time, to The Bronze Age, to learn its secrets’ and ‘experience virtual archaeology, and uncover the past’.

I have heard many strange stories, while 3D mapping the landscape and recreating forgotten shrines. There are whisperings of mythical beasts, appearing out of the fog, said Matt Clark, creator of Barrow Hill and Bracken Tor.

Video Teaser – Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw

What are these strange creatures? Visitations? The ghosts of long extinct creatures? Is an ancient feral world colliding with ours? There really are undiscovered treasures, and dangers, waiting for the gamer to experience.

Back to the Bronze Age

Barrow Hill was tag-lined archaeology meets adventure, but for Bracken Tor you are a bold journalist, looking for the next ‘big story’ investigating the vicious murder of a lone hiker (for his last hours, see the trailer on the left), torn to pieces.

To solve the mystery (and publish a great story), you decide to spend the night on the moor to check if the ‘mysterious beasts’ are real. However, you’ll find yourself transported 2,000 years back in time to Bronze Age Britain.

Thrown into the ancient past of the Bronze Age people, you will find the true origins of the nightmare. Those primitive people lived in fear of the mighty beasts, making sacrifices to protect themselves from the packs, which hide in the thick pine forests and wind swept tundra. They practised long forgotten ceremonies, and studied the natural world, in an attempt to understand and conquer their foe. For it is only through understanding the ‘old ways’ that you will survive the night. You will have to decide what is worse…the beasts that lurk in the darkness, or the terrifying acts performed by our ancient ancestors.

Venture onto Bracken Tor, pitch your tent, prepare for the dark, listen for the sounds and hope to survive the Time of Tooth and Claw, concluded Clark.

Just How Terrifying?

I must admit, I’ll probably play because travelling back in time to the Bronze Age isfun (check out Stonehenge 1500 BC), and not the least because I’m curious about the ‘terrifying acts’ our prehistoric ancestors performed. Lets just hope we don’t vilify them to much? What are the odds for ‘human sacrifice’ can anybody confirm if this burial looks like a ritual kill? 😉 Also, please enlighten me () as to just how much archaeological evidence for human sacrifice in prehistoricBritain there exactly is? I’m honestly clueless, the only referencesI remember are either from Hollywood movies, or theCommentarii de Bello Gallico.