Ancient Egypt Lego Models and Plastic Pyramid Builders

While Heritage Key’s virtual engineers and construction team are still building away on our Nile Villa – a virtual, avatar-accessible reconstruction of an ancient Egyptian villa from the city of Akhetaten, Amarna – Flickr user Higdon took a more physical approach, and resurrected an ancient Egyptian nobleman’s villa using Lego blocks.

Ancient Egyptian villa constructed out of Lego Blocks
IMGP6481, originally uploaded by d-higdon.

We’ve already encountered Legohenge – a Stonehenge build with Lego blocks, protesting druids included – in our Top 10 Stonehenge Replicas, there is an official ‘Lego Egyptian Mummy’ on sale (1183 in the Adventurers Egypt series) as well as a ‘Treasure Tomb’ (3722), a ‘Mummy’s Tomb’ (5958) and the ‘Pharaoh’s Forbidden Ruins’ (5988), and of course there was also the Vancouver’s Science Museum World Egyptian Lego exhibit, with Lego-based pyramid builders (going for the external ramp theory?), King Tut’s mask, an entire Egyptian tomb made out of Lego and – my personal favourite – the Lego mummification process:

Mummification process depictedin Lego Blocks
Lego Mummification 1, originally uploaded by mhchipmunk.

And if you’re not convinced yet of the Greatness of Lego, this was their promotion for the Adventurers Egypt series, which reminds of the upcoming theft of the Great Pyramid in animation movie Despicable Me: