Ancient Advertisement – Nefertiti Cigarettes

Although traces of nicotine and even of cocaine have been found on Egyptian mummies that date as long as 3000 years back -French scientists examining the stomach of the Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II‘s mummy found fragments of tobacco leaves most likely used in the embalming process – and discussion is still ongoing on how these plants exactly got to Egypt without the help of the Spanish conquistadores – a 1997 Discovery Channel show suggests ancient international trade: a Pacific crossing and then delivery via the Silk Route.

Regardless if the Pharaohs were junkies or not, we doubt if Queen Nefertiti would have condoned the use of her name and lovely face for this commercial. Yet we find this very colorful animated 1970 ad from Egypt promoting a brand of cigarettes called Nefertiti highly entertaining. Mind the cigarettes magically appearing from the pyramid!

Funny, no? Hat tip to Michael Tilgner for submitting this to the EEFmailing list!