Ancient and Modern Medicine

Ancient medicine has always attracted scientists. Many scientists have studied Egyptian papyrus and ancient manuscripts for years, believing that they may contain secret potions and medicines that could help humanity cure most modern diseases.

Most modern diseases were known to people many thousands of years ago. And even then, they found medications to cure them. It is worth noting that the treatment of the main part of diseases in ancient medicine was practiced using natural ingredients. Today, such methods of treatment are called alternative medicine and considered inexpedient and ineffective.Ancient Medicine vs modern medicine

How were our ancestors able to achieve tremendous results in medicine and surgery?

Carrying out excavations in Egypt, scientists have repeatedly found entertaining finds that shocked the entire medical science of the modern world. For example, scientists discovered the remains of a man with signs of obvious surgical amputation of the upper limb. Having studied the artifact found, scientists were horrified. This discovery told modern specialists that already 3 thousand years ago, mankind conducted amputation operations with the use of primitive medical instruments that were not inferior to modern analogs.

Anesthesia has also been used in the ancient world. According to scientific studies, our ancestors possessed technologies and knowledge for the manufacture of high-quality painkillers from herbal ingredients. They used snake venoms and poisonous plants to enter a person in trance and liturgical sleep, which replaced anesthesia.

Before beginning treatment, the doctors of antiquity warned the patient in advance about the possible consequences and expediency of medical manipulations. If today doctors even try to help fatally ill patients but for business sake, the doctors of antiquity immediately told the patient whether they could help him or not.

Situation in Modern Medicine

Today, medicine treats all standard methods, which consist in curing the disease only at the physical level and they do not pay any attention to the psychological support for the sick person. The practice of family medicine introduced everywhere can drastically change the situation since the doctor or pharmacist will also become a friend of the family. For example, our world offers people to use modern my canada pharmacy online where you will feel secure.

Today, alternative medicine together with online pharmacies is practiced all over the world. This type of medicine does not confirm the generally accepted standards of traditional treatment. For example, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in the east, today in Western medicine, this method is either prohibited or not considered medical. But how then to explain the centuries-old developments in this industry, which are based on positive results from the use of acupuncture treatment?

Today, scientists, using the latest technology cannot achieve this effect in the improvement of the human body, which has been reached by our ancestors, using ointments from natural raw materials.

Studying the lifestyle of the ancient Egyptians, today, scientists are shocked by the fact that despite the underdeveloped classical methods of dental services, our ancestors used herbal raw materials to prepare tinctures, relieve a toothache, herbal pastes to relieve the gums and strengthen enamel. Having restored ancient recipes in dentistry, the scientists obtained colossal results.

But how could ancient people develop medicine to such a level? After all, it is actually quite difficult to study the structure of all organs of the human body and to find natural sources for curing ailments.

How was it possible to conduct a surgical operation in antiquity? There is a supposition, mankind did not develop over time but degraded. At some point, the loss of all the accumulated knowledge over centuries has happened. It interrupts the further development of medicine nowadays.